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Monday, March 26, 2012

Product Review: Meow, Meow, Tweet Deodorant Cream

I've never been a deodorant person, and I wondered if I was alone until 2008 when I heard Julia Roberts confess that she doesn't wear deodorant either. I've glommed onto this fact since this is probably the only thing Julia and I will ever share.

As a teenager, I struggled with antiperspirant and deodorant. The scented kind caused me to break out in rashes; unscented sticks and roll-ons left me with white stains everywhere. I didn't sweat that much and so I rarely used it. One container lasted half a year. I showered regularly and rinsed under my arms when I was getting smelly.

But post-kids, I smell sweaty more often. I'm definitely on my toes more, and exercise is a far bigger part of my life. Maybe it's just that I spend so much time caring for others that there's less time to groom myself. Still, this green mama, with an OCD need to find the best products on the planet, needed to find a solution.

I began the quest for an effective all-natural deodorant a few years ago. In my experience, these products are rarely as effective as the conventional, chemical-filled kinds. But the sales person in my local Whole Foods explained that I wasn't using them right. For all natural deodorants to be effective, they need to be applied twice a day instead of once in the morning. The purpose of these products is not to prevent you from sweating but rather to kill the bacteria (the smelly part) that grows in your armpits. (A little gross, but good to understand.) Still, who has time for multiple applications?

After some trial and error, I settled on Terressentials roll-on deodorant. Terressentials works very well most of the time, but I didn't find it effective for emergency quick changes when I had no time to shower. In those cases, I smelled like sweat ... and citrus. The product also goes on wet, and it takes a little longer to feel dry.

On a whim, I recently decided to try deodorant cream from a Brooklyn-based company called Meow, Meow, Tweet.  ($12.00 for 2.5 oz)

I was, at first, admittedly, put off by the goop in the jar.  I cringed at the strong tea tree smell and at the way the cream went on slightly dry and tacky.

But something crazy happened ... it worked. Better than any of the previous natural products I'd tried. Even better, it goes on dry.

Just a dime sized dollop of cream under the arm keeps me dry and smell free for most of the day. (I never remember a second application, and I rarely need one.) And, if I do sweat, I can put a little more on, and it masks the smell almost immediately. The tea tree smell is pungent, but it wears off quickly. I suspect it's this tea tree that kills the bacteria, eliminating the smell rather than masking it.

I would say my only reservation about this product would be travel. I can't imagine throwing a glass jar into a gym bag or overnight bag without having to protect it in some way. I certainly couldn't imagine a teenager toting around a glass jar of deodorant for after school sports either.

For toting times, I'll continue to use my faithful Terressentials roll-on, but I'm finding myself turning to the cream more and more.

Check out Meow Meow Tweet's unique deodorant. It goes on dry and eliminates odors without chemicals and additives, and a little goes a long way.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations. There is a local maker of natural and herbal products at my farmer's market, and I use her deodorant in the winter - hers also has tea tree oil in it. But it leaves me sopping wet in the summer!

  2. Hi Shari,
    Thanks so much for your review of our deodorant! I worked for a long time to develop a recipe that was gentle and effective for my sensitive but sweaty underarms and it's always great to hear positive feedback. Oh, and I know the glass thing is difficult for traveling but we are trying to refrain from using plastic packaging. I usually carry around one of our sample-sized portions (write me at and I'll send you one!)
    Best wishes,
    Meow Meow Tweet

  3. Thanks for the recommendations. There is a local maker of natural and herbal products at my farmer's market, and I use her deodorant in the winter - hers also has tea tree oil in it. But it leaves me sopping wet in the summer!

  4. first time i found this deodorant product in cream form,and i was amazed when i i first time applied under my arms ,but it surprised me with it awesome performance,it keep me all the day fresh.

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